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On behalf of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Kendriya Vidyalaya Paschim Vihar invites sealed bids from reputed, experienced and professional Choreographers for composite training package for the preparation of KVS cultural contingent of about 250 students for presentation on OPENING CEREMONY ON 17th JULY FOR 49th NATIONAL SPORTS MEET- 2018

on the theme that brings out the essence of games and sports, physical fitness, yoga, cultural folk etc. The detailed scope of work, terms and conditions for the assignment can be downloaded from Vidyalaya website www.kvpaschimvihar.edu.in and can also be collected in person from the office of the Vidyalaya on any working day from 08.06.2018 to 18.06.2018 (11:00 am to 01:00 pm).




Sealed bids in the required format should reach the Vidyalaya on or before 18.06.2018 upto 01:00 pm and the sealed bids will be opened on 18.06.2018 at 02:00 pm- in the presence of interested bidders.
























Ref no /KVPV/KVS National Sports Meet /2018-19/                       Date: 08/06/2018






Sub: “Inviting Bids for hiring Services of qualified choreographers for Preparation of Cultural Contingent for presentation on 17th July 2018, on the occasion of 49th KVS National Sports Meet-2018.




1.      The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, a centrally funded Autonomous Body, is a Society registered under Societies’ registration Act, 1860. The Sangathan administers the Scheme of Kendriya Vidyalaya set up for imparting education to the children of transferable Central Govt. Employees and others.

2.      Sealed competitive Bids are invited by the Kendriya Vidyalaya, Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110087 from the reputed, experienced and Professional Choreographers for composite Training package for the Preparation of KVS Cultural Contingent of about 250 students of 10 to 16 year’s age group for presentation on the occasion of 49th KVS National Sports Meet-2018. The Choreographer would be required to select participants from school students, provide training, provide costumes to the participants including costume designing & stitching, arrange props and banners, provide makeup artist, do composition and recording of song and all other activities related to the preparation of Cultural contingent. The service contract will be for a period of about 90 days

3.      The manpower, equipment and service required are as indicated below:



Category of manpower and equipments


Minimum qualifications or/and experience


Team of Choreographer for Preparation of Cultural item/ Dance

6 to 8 or


as required

 Well Experienced in the field of Choreography.


Trained Makeup Artists with consumable and non consumable makeup material and related items.

As required

Experienced in doing makeup of about 250 Boys and girls of age group 10 to 16 yrs.


Trained Musicians for song composition & recording with Complete equipments and instruments.

As required

Experienced for recording of Song for Cultural Contingent and experienced musicians for playing various instruments as required.


Providing of banners, props etc.

As required

Experienced in the field banners, props, flags buntings etc.


Designing and providing of dresses/costumes with accessories for Students

As required

Experienced in the field of stitching/designing Preparing/Providing of dress with accessories for students.


Note: Numbers of category of manpower may increase or decrease as per requirement.


4        Quoted price:-

a)      The bidder shall quote lump sum amount for entire package for a period of 27 days. The amount Quoted shall be inclusive of all remuneration, all  types of taxes & other statutory costs and service charges (Including profit and administrative charges) in the format of quotation only attached as Annexure A.

b)      The GST and any other such tax liable to be paid by the client shall be quoted by the bidder separately but included in lump sum amount he is quoting.

c)      The rate quoted shall be fixed for the duration of the contract and shall not be subject to adjustment except the statutory provisions, if amended.

d)      Correction in bid amount; if any, shall be made by crossing out initialing, dating and rewriting the correct amount in words also.

e)      The Bidder shall deposit Rs.5000/-(Rs. Five Thousands only) in the form of DD/pay order drawn in favour of Kendriya Vidyalaya, paschimvihar, New Delhi-110087 and payable at New Delhi as earnest money .The earnest money shall be returned to the unsuccessful bidders after the award of the contract. It is important to enclose earnest money DD/Pay order with bid.

f)       The selected firm has to furnish performance security in the form of DD for an amount of Rs 20000/- valid for one month from the date of award of the contract. The performance security shall be submitted within 10 days from the date of notification of award. The earnest money shall be returned only after the performance security is submitted by the Contracting Agency.

g)      Telex or facsimile Bids shall not be acceptable.


5.         Each Bidder must submit only one Bid.

6.         Validity of Bid : The Bid shall remain valid for a period not less than 90 days after the deadline fixed for submission of Bid.

7.         Terms & Conditions:

(a)        The payment to the selected firm shall be made through cheque/RTGS after deduction of TDS, as applicable.

(b)        The contracting agency shall be responsible for the disbursement of payment to the artists, assistant musicians, song recorders etc. hired by the agency.

(c)        The contracting agency will provide Identity Card to all his employees and artists deputed, valid for the period of contract.

(d)        The contracting agency shall comply with all statutory obligations. Minor variations as per actual calculation will be borne by the Indentor/Client.

(e)        The normal office hours of Vidyalaya are from 07.00 am to 02.30 pm six  

           days from Monday to Saturday. However, KVS reserves the right to

           request the services on Saturday/Holiday/beyond office hours.


(f)        The contracting agency will be required to sign a contract with the Vidyalaya as per model contract enclosed for ready reference. The other terms and conditions specified in the Bid document and accepted Bid will also form the part of the Model Agreement.

(g)        In case of any loss, theft or sabotage caused by/attributable to the personnel deployed, the KVS reserve the right to claim and recover damage from Contracting Agency.

8.         Evaluation of Bids

(i)                 The Bid will be evaluated by the evaluation commitee to cover the following aspects

(ii)               Credentials of Firm/Agency, supported by certificates/documents.

(iii)             Proposal with plan of action/modus operandi for composite Training for Preparation of  KVS cultural contingent of about 250 Students of age group 10 to 16 yrs for presentation on Opening Ceremony of 49th KVS National Sports Meet-2018.


      After evaluation of bids, only suitable firms will be shortlisted which qualify for the assignment.The              Evaluation Committee will evaluate and compare the Bids determined to be substantially responsive i.e. which are properly signed, and conform to the terms & conditions.

       The bid will be treated as non-responsive if following documents are not attached:-

(iv)              Brief profile of the company and evidence to establish that the bidder has successfully executed similar nature and magnitude of works in the last 05 (five) years.

(v)                List of clientage served

(vi)              PAN No.

(vii)            Attested copy of proof of GST Registration.

(viii)          Banking Details

(ix)              The Bidder shall deposit Rs. 5000/- in the form of pay order drawn in favour of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Paschim vihar , New Delhi-110087 , payable at New Delhi as earnest money along with the Bid. The earnest money shall be returned to the unsuccessful bidders after the award of the contract.

(x)                Full details of persons going to be engaged in the preparation process along with copies of certificates & testimonials.

(xi)              The Evaluation will be done for all the items put together. Contract  will be awarded to the lowest responsive bidder out of the  qualified bidders.

9. Award of Contract:

a.      The Vidyalaya will award the contract to the bidder whose Bid has been determined to be substantially responsive and who has offered the lowest price as per Para 8.

b.      The Vidyalaya reserves the right at the time of award of contract to increase or decrease the requirement of manpower indicated in Para 1 above.

c.       The Vidyalaya prior to the expiry of the Bid validity period (i.e. 90 days) will notify the bidder whose Bid is accepted for the award of contract. The terms of the accepted offer shall be incorporated in the contract.

d.      Notwithstanding the above, the  Vidyalaya reserves the right to accept or reject all Bids and to cancel the biding process and reject all Bids at any time prior to the award of the contract.

10. Last date and time of receipt of Bids

 Bids are required to be submitted in  sealed envelopes marked /superscribed  as “Bids for providing choreography Service” on 18.06.2018 latest by 01:00 PM. The quotations will be opened in the Principal’s office of KV Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110087

 New Delhi on 18.06.2018 at 02:00 PM in the presence of Evaluation Committee of KVS. The Indentor looks forward to receive the Bid in the format of Bid attached only and appreciate the interest of the service provider in the KVS.



Yours faithfully









For and on behalf of the

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan









Format of Bid



Category of Manpower


Remuneration quoted rates for the events

GST if Applicable

Service Charges

Rate Column               4+5+6+7











Package of providing Trained team of choreographers.

6 to 8 or more as required





Make-up Artists

as required



Music system handler, Recording and composition of song

as required



Providing of banners and props etc

as required



Designing and providing of dresses/costumes with accessories for students

as required


Note        1. GST shall be quoted separately.


2. We agree to provide the above service of manpower and abide by the terms & conditions contained in the Bid document and also agree to enter into the agreement in the format enclosed. Bid security of Rs. 2,000/-(Rupees Two Thousand only) for preparation of the Cultural Item for presentation on 17.07.2018 on the occasion of 49th KVS National Sports Meet-2018 furnished herewith vide Bank Draft No._____________ dated ____________ drawn on ___________   .







Name ……………………………………….













          Applications along with Bio-Data are invited from registered firms and dealers for registration for the year 2018-19 who are well reputed, experienced, having legal existence fulfilling all statutory requirements for providing various services such as cleaning sweeping, security, gardening, catering/canteen, transportation, printing, supply and annual maintenance of electrical goods, computers and computer peripherals, overhead projectors, CCTV cameras, photo copier machines, copy printers, water coolers, Air-conditioners, EPBAX system, water purifiers and for the supply of sports goods, swings for children’s park,  science materials, musical instruments, audio visual aids, stationary, furniture, maintenance and repair (civil & electrical) and disposal of condemned articles in KV Paschim Vihar.

          Application and Bio-Data along with the copy of all necessary certificates such as EPF/ESI/GST No/PAN No’s. and licenses as required may be deposited in the Vidyalaya from 03.07.2018 to 15.07.2018 on any working day from 11:00 A.M. to 01:00 P.M.

          Tenders will be invited only from shortlisted firms.




Sabira Shori